Food Network Commercial FAIL

So we’re sitting at home tonight, watching the finale of The Next Food Network Star, and on comes a commercial break.  Nothing to worry about, time to go get some […]

Welcome Back… To Me!

Hey everyone – sorry to have been gone a long time!  I was busy getting married – see the photo to the left?  That’s from our wedding day! Check out […]

I was out at my flag football game yesterday, and right at halftime this huge rainbow came out.  So like the camera nerd that I am, I went out and […]

I recently had the honor of shooting the engagement photos for my good friends Kristin and Mike.  We spent a nice afternoon at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and I must […]

This past weekend, I flew between Seattle and San Francisco for a friend’s wedding.  Beautiful wedding, by the way…  The cool thing was that Virgin America just started flying between […]

Couldn’t help but doodle up this comic to complete the story from the other day.  This one isn’t courtesy of xkcd, it’s just my feeble attempt at being funny with […]

This feels like me today.  Yeah, I’m the dude at the computer 🙁 Note that it’s late.  Note that I’m writing this from work.  Note that my french fries are […]

A Ribbon for NIU and DeKalb

Yesterday in my hometown, a gunman entered a classroom at Northern Illinois University and opened fire on the class, killing 5 students before turning the gun on himself.  In memory […]

Just happened to see this xkcd comic today and thought it was hilarious.  Ok, so BenA sent mail about it because some of our friends have a running "It’s Complicated" […]

A good friend of mine recently launched his startup website,, which provides social list-building capabilities.  With a free user account, surfers can create their own Top-10 lists for almost […]