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A good friend of mine recently launched his startup website,, which provides social list-building capabilities.  With a free user account, surfers can create their own Top-10 lists for almost any topic, which are then merged with same-title lists of other users to form a community list.  The community list aggregates the preferences of each listed item across all of the individual lists, effectively creating a pan-www Top-1o.  (To be fair, I should note that users are not limited to 10 entries per list – they may be of any arbitrary length.)

Even more useful, however, is Seekler’s ability to associate reviews and links with each list item, enabling site users to share their opinions and providing valuable meta-information to those browsing the site.  While many websites provide reviews for the products they sell, and even for other web users (à la ebay), Seekler is the first site to provide reviewing capabilities for any imaginable object or concept, all within a single experience.

I figure a picture, especially an interactive one, is worth more than any words I could write, so here’s an example of a Seekler list.  This happens to be my version of the Anticipated Movies of 2008 list, but you can click on the “community list” link to see what the rest of the world can’t wait to see.  If you click through to Seekler’s site (you should, it’ s really cool!), you can even search for things like “Best Blog” – don’t forget to rank this blog really high 🙂  (Here’s hoping my friend doesn’t mind that I snooped his site and figured out how to embed list content in a blog…  UPDATE (2/13/2008): I confirmed that this instance of snooping is 100% approved!)

UPDATE (12/12/2012): Seekler has shutdown, so this list is no longer available.

If you happen to be a fellow digg member,  be sure to digg the list!  In a shameless plug for my friend, help him increase traffic to his site and ensure he can eat for the next few months 🙂 is the product of the Boulder, CO-based startup, Pretheory, which my friend and a colleague founded last year.

UPDATE (2/13/2008): After a quick consultation with my friend, updated the Seekler widget to point to my version of the Anticipated Movies of 2008 list.  Plus, added a plug for the Best Blog list.

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