Food Network Commercial FAIL

the-next-food-network-starSo we’re sitting at home tonight, watching the finale of The Next Food Network Star, and on comes a commercial break.  Nothing to worry about, time to go get some ice cream (it was Coconut Bliss Vanilla flavor, if you’re curious).  I come back and what do I see but A COMMERCIAL CELEBRATING THE WINNER OF THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR!  I guess I don’t need to watch the next half hour of the finale now.  Thanks Food Network Sad smile

Now, to be fair, we were watching a repeat.  But the first airing was only a week ago!  I’m sure they don’t really take this kind of thing into account when scheduling commercials on something they’ve already repeated like 80 times in the last week, I still call this a FAIL.

Oh, and yes, I did just spend about 30 mins reading the fail blog

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