Personal Update

Welcome Back… To Me!

Hey everyone – sorry to have been gone a long time!  I was busy getting married – see the photo to the left?  That’s from our wedding day! Check out […]

This past weekend, I flew between Seattle and San Francisco for a friend’s wedding.  Beautiful wedding, by the way…  The cool thing was that Virgin America just started flying between […]

Couldn’t help but doodle up this comic to complete the story from the other day.  This one isn’t courtesy of xkcd, it’s just my feeble attempt at being funny with […]

This feels like me today.  Yeah, I’m the dude at the computer 🙁 Note that it’s late.  Note that I’m writing this from work.  Note that my french fries are […]

A Ribbon for NIU and DeKalb

Yesterday in my hometown, a gunman entered a classroom at Northern Illinois University and opened fire on the class, killing 5 students before turning the gun on himself.  In memory […]

I just got back from a great trip to Pittsburgh, to explore my friend Joe’s hometown.  On Friday Night, I got to check out Station Square, The Georgetown Inn, MATRIX […]

Today, I climbed a building.  Well, up the stairs 🙂  It was part of The Big Climb, a charity event benefiting leukemia research.  It was a 69-story climb that equates […]

Today my roommate and I continued a now-3 year tradition of baking a  whole lot of cookies for the holidays.  This year it’s something like 20 dozen or so.  They […]