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Food Network Commercial FAIL

So we’re sitting at home tonight, watching the finale of The Next Food Network Star, and on comes a commercial break.  Nothing to worry about, time to go get some […]

This past weekend, I flew between Seattle and San Francisco for a friend’s wedding.  Beautiful wedding, by the way…  The cool thing was that Virgin America just started flying between […]

Couldn’t help but doodle up this comic to complete the story from the other day.  This one isn’t courtesy of xkcd, it’s just my feeble attempt at being funny with […]

Just happened to see this xkcd comic today and thought it was hilarious.  Ok, so BenA sent mail about it because some of our friends have a running "It’s Complicated" […]

I’m currently sitting in the Cincinnati airport (CVG), having just got off the redeye from Seattle on my way to Pittsburgh.  First off, I’m highly disappointed that there are no […]

A friend of mine from work just became famous. Ok, he was already famous, but who’s really counting? MrJukes, of Halo 2 jumping infamy, just released the first official Halo […]

As I continued browsing Soapbox, I ran across another spoof of the Mac vs. PC Commercial – but this time the Wii is facing off against the PS3 – who […]