This past weekend, I flew between Seattle and San Francisco for a friend’s wedding.  Beautiful wedding, by the way…  The cool thing was that Virgin America just started flying between […]

A good friend of mine recently launched his startup website,, which provides social list-building capabilities.  With a free user account, surfers can create their own Top-10 lists for almost […]

As I continued browsing Soapbox, I ran across another spoof of the Mac vs. PC Commercial – but this time the Wii is facing off against the PS3 – who […]

I’m a bit late on reporting this, as it happened over a week ago, but I’ve been on vacation since it happened so I’m jumping on it now.  On Dec […]

I know, there’s already a million sites out there reviewing the Zune, but I figured the world wouldn’t be complete without me adding my two cents.  My story starts just […]

So forget that I could be biased, and go check out what I consider the coolest piece of online marketing in the past year: Who doesn’t love head-banging birds […]